Ecocore Ltd runs the Total Carbon Rationing global campaign, as well as local air quality and nature projects in London, UK.


For the sake of transparency, all funding will be declared. Currently all work is done pro-bono.

Due to the campaign’s scope and urgency, funding at any level would be well used. Please contact Adam on +44 7709 159 866.


Adam Hardy: editor, campaigner, webmaster. MSc Environmental Technology.

I’ve worked in the rainforest trying to protect it and although I couldn’t carry on that work, I have always led the most sustainable lifestyle I could. This campaign is a slightly daunting task but I know, for me, if Total Carbon Rationing is put in place, I will finally be able to relax, rather then get wound up whenever friends say they are going to fly somewhere or do something else that today is deeply unsustainable. Why? Simple, because with rationing, anybody can do whatever they want with a clear conscience – fly, drive, eat meat – as long as their rations hold out.

Adam, London, UK 2019