Next Steps

How we can take the next step towards carbon allowances

Current most likely socio-economic scenarios for future global warming lay the foundations for a disorderly transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, as the impacts of climate change become severe enough to force long-delayed action by governments. It is highly likely that governments in these circumstances will implement fossil fuel rationing to force the move to clean energy. Our policy incorporates that, and if we advocate well for it, it increases the possibility that governments will adopt this version of the policy earlier than a basic World War Two-style rationing system.

Persuading governments to implement systemic change will take time – and time is not on our side.  That’s why it’s important that we demonstrate what we advocate – by reducing our own impact, we become the change that will prompt government to do more. We helped found and are working with local charity EcoCounts to establish a community action group in North London, UK committed to reducing their group carbon footprint.  EcoCounts is free to join and members benefit from shared learning and keeping track of how they are living more sustainably; EcoCore benefits from learning how local people act together and can best be supported by smart policy to make the changes our planet needs.

EcoCore is a member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and the Alliance du Compte Carbone.

EcoCore as an organisation has no political affiliations and the policy of a carbon currency based on carbon allowances lies in the political middle ground between fairness on the left and efficiency on the right. Subjective opinion might find issue on the one end of the political spectrum with the inclusion of the right to buy or sell carbon allowances, and at the other end of the spectrum with the belief that money is not the only means of measuring value.

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