Economy Policy

Carbon Borders: imposing Emissions Control on Imports

As nations consider reducing their industries’ CO2 emissions by imposing taxes or giving subsidies, they worry about cheap imports from countries that…


Day 1: how will the Carbon Currency work?

From the first second after midnight on day one of the carbon currency, every purchase and sale nationwide will involve carbon tokens…


Is your Sense of Impending Doom Justified?

Extreme weather, floods and wildfires on top of stories about melting polar ice-sheets should trigger a sense of impending doom in any…

Policy Economy

Movement towards a Carbon Currency in France

A radical problem needs a radical solution A debate on the future of our societies and the fight against global warming is…


Why cheap wind and solar costs the same as fossil fuel electricity

Many people who are worried about fossil fuel use have switched to domestic providers who offer expensive yet cheap wind and solar…


Why a Carbon Currency based on Carbon Allowances is Our Best Chance against Climate Change

Faced with ever more obvious signs of damaging climate change all around the world, a clear and effective way to reduce CO2…

Policy Adaptation Global Action

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals from a Carbon Currency and Carbon Allowances Perspective

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework to guide humanity from now through to socio-economic sustainability within the Earth’s planetary…

Economy Global Action Politics

The Doomsday Numbers and Climate Change

Why are we in a climate emergency? One reason is because the numbers don’t add up. These are the Doomsday numbers: the…

Climate Denial Politics Psychology

How Corrupt Algorithms damage us: Climate Denial on Facebook

Social media’s most powerful algorithm, the one driving climate denial on Facebook, creates streams of posts for Facebook users designed solely and…


Climate Change and the Meaning of Life

It takes a lot of effort and determination to break out of the bubble of our everyday London, LA, or Sydney lives,…

Books Climate Denial

Michael Mann – The New Climate War: Book Review

Even if you thought you knew how evil corporate power was, you need to read the New Climate War Prof. Michael E.…

Psychology Economy Money

One Way To Leave The World A Better Place

I always told myself I should leave the world a better place than I found it. So do a lot of people,…


Carbon Footprints Defined

The simple definition of carbon footprint: a measure usually in kilos or tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which result from the…

Money Podcast

Crowd-funded Green Investing with Abundance Investments MD Bruce Davis

Abundance Investments is a crowd-funding platform that lets people finance green infrastructure. Bruce Davis is joint managing director. He has great experience…

Climate Justice Economy Personal Carbon Trading Policy

How A Carbon Currency and Markets can work for Climate Justice

The BBC started this train of thought about a carbon currency recently with an article describing how the world’s wealthiest are at…

Money Economy

Abundance Q&A on their Sustainable Investments

I recently put some savings into bonds using the UK’s Abundance platform which offers various methods of sustainable investment. At that point,…

Policy Climate Justice Economy

Compte Carbone in France also Want to See a Carbon Currency

Compte Carbone is a French NGO that promotes carbon quota or rationing frameworks as the preferential climate policy over regulatory or taxation…

Transport Money

Desperate for a Low Emissions Holiday?

It’s Lockdown III in London, UK, everyone is desperate to get out and I’m looking for a low emissions holiday. There are…


Green Investing with an Abundance ISA

Abundance Investments is ulta-green investing. They have been around for a few years now and are one of the “Best Buys” in…

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting: sucks CO2 out of the atmosphere, or just sucks?

Houston, we have a problem. With the governments of the world aiming for “Net Zero by 2050” to rescue our climate but…

Housing Podcast Policy

UK Schools need Low Carbon Buildings

I talk to Robin Nicholson, who is an architect at Cullinan Studios, an architecture co-operative which has been designing innovative low carbon…

Policy Podcast

The Cumbria Coal Mine Debacle, UK Climate Policy & Other Snafus – with Chris Friedler of Decarbonise Now

Chris Friedler is a UK environmental lobbyist with Decarbonise Now with an extensive working knowledge of the UK climate policy – if…

Transport Economy Energy

Growth of Low Carbon Freight on UK Railways during COVID-19

The drop in passenger numbers on trains due to COVID-19 is boosting UK low carbon freight – they’re running 10% longer trains,…

Podcast Climate Justice

What is Climate Justice?

Kelo Uchendu is a student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, an activist pushing for Climate Justice and an organiser of the…

History Economy Energy Podcast Psychology

Days of Coal in Calgary, Canada

Hugh Archibald White was born and brought up in Calgary, Canada in the 1940s and 50s. He gave me a run-down on…