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Crowd-funded Green Investing with Abundance Investments MD Bruce Davis

Updated on 2021-07-04 by Adam Hardy

Abundance Investments is a crowd-funding platform that lets people finance green infrastructure. Bruce Davis is joint managing director. He has great experience and deep knowledge about money, finance and the Energy Transition, as the next 30 years will sees the economy shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

If you have a little money and you want to make it do good and earn something back, then listen on! We talk about:

  • crowd-funding and making people aware of risk
  • solar, wind and the complexities of wind turbines
  • the unfulfilled potential of tidal power, a perfect example of crowd-funding providing backing that no-one else would
  • EV charging
  • the nuts and bolts of the green infrastructure
  • capitalism, socialism and money (and even Sharia Law)

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Bruce Davis’s upcoming book from Bristol University Press “Crowdfunding and the Democratisation of Finance”

This is the book that Bruce recommended by Martin Slater covering the National Debt which the UK Parliament wrested from the king in 1694 and which has influenced British society as much as prime ministers, finance and industry ever since:

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