Short survey on communicating EcoCore’s purpose

Trial Statements about EcoCore’s Purpose

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We aim to create:

(1) A safe and stable climate through promotion of a social and economic approach that motivates people in all different walks of life to reduce their carbon footprint both at home and at work.

(2) A world where our economic system promotes a safe and stable climate, through a managed and equitable approach to reducing CO2 emissions.

(3) A world where the socio-economic system underpins a managed and equitable reduction of CO2 emissions by both people and organisations to protect our climate and our future.

(4) A world where society and the economy enable individuals, organisations and nations to reduce their carbon footprint swiftly and fairly.

(5) A socio-economic system that explicitly describes carbon consumption as a cost, supporting organisations and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and create a stable climate.

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