Ecosia really is Effortless Climate Action

Ecosia is the search engine that promises to use the advertising revenue they make from your searches to plant trees for the sake of the climate.

I heard about this years ago but illogically refused to believe it and just ignored it – after all, planting trees alone wasn’t going to stop climate change, and there are so many tree-planting projects out there which went belly-up or were cons from the start (read what I posted on the run-down of the tree-planting debate – Trillion Trees or offsetting).

It took my 10-year-old daughter to snap me back to my senses – she heard about Ecosia and tree-planting and immediately demanded I set up all devices to use it by default. So I figured I’d better check it out, and I quickly found that the excellent Our Changing Climate have just done a video on Ecosia….

TL;DR yes Ecosia is legit

So why did I waste all those clicks on Google and more recently DuckDuckGo? I think the only answer is that I just never thought about it rationally. I want to search with Google! It’s personal and I guess my unthinking inner cave-man just didn’t want to change.

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