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How To Get There

Updated on 2020-10-13 by Adam Hardy

  • Build grassroots support – campaign subscribers, social media channels, government petitions, crowd-funding, get it adopted as the goal for climate change movements, talk at citizens’ assemblies
  • Working with offsetting firms, NGOs and energy providers, create a “carbon-ration-ready” program for business that helps highlight total emissions in their supply chain
  • Create “carbon card” with a challenger bank, that earns the card bearer discounts on carbon-neutral products e.g. Adnams beers
  • Build academic and economic support backed by economic forecasting, modelling, virtual gaming
  • Produce stream of short videos interviewing business people, discussing how it would affect them, e.g. farmer, car manufacturer, e-commerce merchant, house-builder, oil industry exec, coffee grower, brewer, Willy Wonka etc
  • Campaign for local councils and city mayors to get carbon-ration-ready
  • Push for immediate government intervention such as carbon tax-and-dividend in the energy or automotive sector
  • Expand grassroots internationally
  • Build policy support in NGOs and supra-national institutions
  • Build finance industry support
  • Build oil industry support
  • Build political support
  • Get energy producers to start marking the prices in rations for all their products supplied to customers
  • Get corporations dealing with energy producers to start accounting for carbon rations
  • First nation or group of nations unilaterally adopt total carbon rationing for all citizens with all businesses obligated to require rations in supply of all products and services – if necessary, unilaterally with border-based proxy mechanisms
  • Further nations join as political and democratic resistance falls
  • UN climate treaty based on Contraction and Convergence, to put a hard and fast number on emissions allowed, in gigatonnes of carbon per nation, with net zero target date
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