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Mangroves – vital coastal forests – with Bremley Lyngdoh of Earthbanc

Updated on 2021-11-30 by Adam Hardy

Dr. Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh is Director Microfinance & Ecorestoration of Earthbanc, which enables smallholders to plant mangroves and build sustainable livelihoods by investing capital from their savers via microfinance. He’s made a career out of bringing people and organisations together to create environmental and agricultural projects. I caught up with him online in his home state Meghalaya, north-east India – just before he left to check on leaking uranium waste tanks that no-one will take responsibility for in the jungles of South West Khasi Hills. We covered …

  • just how many million mangroves people can plant
  • how cyclones made the people of Myanmar suffer where they had destroyed their mangroves
  • saving money with Earthbanc funds local smallholders to plant trees
  • how Earthbanc monitors progress using satellite data
  • whether local people would really want tigers in the forests they plant!
  • the beautiful wilderness of Meghalaya, with its living root bridges and 25m (75 foot) annual rainfall
  • if Bremley is in fact one of the Na’vi and Meghalaya is Pandora
  • the evils of uncontrolled uranium mining

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Interesting Info from Bremley

More on the mangrove projects in Myanmar

The technology behind mangrove planting finances:

Spring Valley Farm in Meghalaya – regenerative farming and agroforestry – their youtube channel and farm website: for mangrove-planting savings accounts
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