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Updated on 2022-11-01 by Adam Hardy

by Adam Hardy

Since the first climate talks in 1990, carbon rationing was always considered to be simply a war-time, citizen-based type of program, but Total Carbon Rationing (TCR) introduces some enhancements that make it a robust and efficient global policy tool – if society can accept the changes it demands.

Now the world is finally waking up to climate change, the deep changes that TCR would introduce no longer sound radical – and my co-volunteers and I believe it can happen. Some people think carbon rationing would only happen in a Bladerunner-type future – but we need to introduce it NOW if we want to keep our society as it is!

So we need financial support to put it out there and take it from the grassroots to upper levels of government and international policy. Some of the research and education parts of our campaign are charitable, but much is not – lobbying government and inter-governmental organisations, corporate engagement, climate denial debunking – so we need your direct donations via Patreon.

Hopefully you’ve read the proposal so you know the potential. If you haven’t, it’s here on the website.

Since you are reading this, the chances are that you are seriously concerned about the state of the planet, and you’re looking for answers. TCR is one of those answers and you can help us make it happen.

On Patreon, as well as your modest financial contribution, you can take part with your ideas, your advice, your knowledge from different perspectives, countries or careers – with your help, we can run a better, smarter campaign, and be more likely to succeed. 

The challenge is immense. The normal reaction I used to get when I introduced someone to TCR was, “yes, it’s cool, but it’ll never happen”. But the world is changing so fast now, I don’t believe that’s true any more.

If the challenge is immense, then the rewards if we make it happen are just off the scale – there’s nothing financial of course, I mean purely in terms of satisfaction – which is why we don’t give up. Choose the Patreon subscription tier that suits you, and help us make it happen.

So it needs to be swift and it needs to be convincing to a majority of people. This is essentially a communication exercise!

The campaign needs funding to keep a constant stream going of social media, articles, explainer videos, conference attendances, talks, speeches and seminars.

Carbon Watchdog is a not-for-profit co-operative company operating financially as Ecocore Ltd., a legal structure incorporated in the UK, similar to other non-charitable campaigns such as Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion etc.

EcoCore is funded by the small regular subscriptions of individual donors like you. Please sign up via Patreon:
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