Q&A: Carbon Currency Explained

Here we unmask a heinous communist plot! Modern day carbon rationing explained: what is the concept of a carbon currency based on carbon allowances? Answers to questions ranging from the local or personal to the global and governmental. If you don’t see an answer to your burning question here, try the search button above or drop us a line and ask.

Carbon Currency based on Carbon Allowances, AKA Universal Carbon Credits, Carbon Coin

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Reality bites – the backdrop to the climate crisis

What do people in the rich, industrialised nations of the world want?

What is “Total Carbon Rationing”?

And the “Universal Carbon Credits as a Carbon Currency”?

Carbon Tokens can be bought or sold

What ensures that no-one cheats?

Surely governments can accelerate the energy transition with carbon taxes so that we achieve these targets?

Isn’t there a Smarter Way than Rationing?

What’s the point in doing anything if China, India or even the USA won’t play their part?

Isn’t a system based on ‘carbon credits’ just a money-go-round with no effective end result?

What is possible if we use a carbon currency and would we immediately be unable to buy petrol, flights, meat, gas, central heating and bananas?

Control over carbon emissions is direct and absolute

Can it really be so bad that rationing is called for?

Would it actually save the planet?

How much would a Carbon Currency based on Carbon Allowances cost?

Politicians can focus on the high level, not the fine detail of decarbonisation

Individual freedoms

It is fairer than any other policies

It promotes negative emissions – tree planting, reforestation, carbon capture – by itself

The carbon token price tag displays exactly how much CO2 in total was released for the product or service

As the economy becomes more carbon-neutral, the carbon tokens on the price tags will systematically fall

It doesn’t require a unanimous vote of approval from the whole world

No subsidy required – innovation guaranteed

Why would business accept a Carbon Currency?

Why would the oil industry accept it?

Flying as an example

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