The Hitchhikers Guide to Climate Change

How can we stay within the global carbon budget?
using the ‘contraction and convergence’ framework to limit carbon emissions

We must reduce our global carbon dioxide emissions to limit the global average temperature rise. Contraction and Convergence is a proposed global framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a fair way. The strategy consists of reducing overall emissions of greenhouse gases to a safe level (contraction), which is achieved by every country bringing its emissions per capita to a level which is equal for all countries (convergence).

Recognising the different levels of carbon generated by different countries and the different impacts on their economies of reducing it, the OECD countries – who account for the greatest emissions – start reduction immediately. Other countries however are allowed to carry on expanding their CO2 emissions until an agreed cut-off date. At an agreed cut-off date, all countries are then bound to reduce their CO2 emissions to zero – this is the “Convergence”.

What a Person Can Do
Why our personal action is significant and meaningful

The R Word: Responsibility. Actually rather than meaning “blame”, it stems from the word “response”, as in “response ability”. Most people have it, they just need to know what is happening. People though have some great mind tricks for avoiding knowing.

It’s also true that governments should be stepping up and leading, but they are not. The main take-home from COP26 was this: our action on the ground is what will inspire them. Not just demonstrating with placards on the street, but demonstrating what to do as well, as best we can.

Starting at the smallest scale, we all have our own personal carbon footprint.

What is a carbon footprint? Your carbon footprint is the total of all the CO2 emissions you cause directly and indirectly, if you add up everything from what you do or get, for every goods or service you use, including your fair share of the manufacturing, processing, packaging, delivery and servicing of that goods or service. It is easy to calculate our average carbon footprint, because it equals our fair share of the CO2 emissions that society pumps into the atmosphere. However it is very difficult to work out what our actual individual carbon footprint is, but if we want to reduce it, that is what we have to do, just like Weight Watchers count their calories.

Ford sprang up.
“Keep looking at the book!” he hissed urgently.
“Don’t Panic.”
“I’m not panicking!”
“Yes you are.”
“Alright so I’m panicking, what else is there to do?”
“You just come along with me and have a good time. The Galaxy’s a
fun place. You’ll need to have this fish in your ear.”

Douglas Adams – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Adapting to a Changing Climate And No Fossil Fuels

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